Calculate your Gorgias Automate savings

🎉 Happy Friday! But wait, the excitement doesn't stop there! We've got some thrilling news to kick off your weekend.

Yesterday, we rolled out brand-new metrics in Gorgias Statistics: Ticket Handle Time and Online Time. These metrics are all about boosting your ability to measure agent efficiency. And guess what? We're thrilled to announce another game-changer for Gorgias Automate subscribers: Time Saved by Agents!

This addition lets you track how much quicker your team can resolve interactions, giving you a clear picture of efficiency gains by monitoring the time freed up for your team.

But there's more! We've also simplified the process for you to customize cost projections. Head over to the My Automate page to specify agent costs for even more accurate insights into potential savings.

Navigate to the My Automate page, then click Explore Data:

We've put in the work to show you exactly how much time and money your team is saving with each automated interaction. Plus, we've taken into account the impact on customer experience, so you can see firsthand how much faster your customers are receiving the assistance they need.

And here's the best part: even if you're not a Gorgias subscriber, you can still check out the estimated potential savings with the ROI calculator. Simply input your data, and voila! You'll receive projected results on potential savings from automation.

Navigate to the Automate page, then click Calculate Potential Return on Investment:

Then estimate your savings by inputting your data:

To learn how the metrics are calculated, please refer to our Help docs here.

So, relax and dive into your Gorgias Automate dashboard to explore this game-changing metric.

Happy reporting! 📊