BigCommerce: Entire Order Refund action

🎉 We are happy to announce another BigCommerce update. Building on our manual refund functionality, you can now refund an entire BigCommerce order directly in Gorgias.

When applying an entire order level refund you can:

  • Review all remaining line items within the order

  • Separately refund the entirety of ☑️ Shipping cost & ☑️ Handling fee

  • Choose your preferred refund method

  • Add a note to document the reason for the refund

  • Select the new status that will be assigned to the order once the refund is performed.

Use this as a quick and convenient way to refund all line items within the order. Click the Refund button in your BigCommerce widget to test the new updated functionality today!

🚀 Please let us know what you think by reacting to this publication. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at 🚀