Automation Statistics

Automate all the things
You can now track your automation rate on the new Automation Statistics page!

With these statistics, you can see at a glance how well your rules help you automate your customer interactions. You can see which channels are best performing and where improvements are to be made.

These graphics only represent closed tickets. To count an interaction as automated, we use the following definition: The customer inquiry has to be answered entirely by automated processes, like rules and self-service, and be closed without any agent interaction. If an agent sends a message, even with a macro, we count it has not automated. We filter out trash, spam and internal note so they do not affect the score.

The overall automation score will help you understand your global automation rate. We also display how you improved compared to the previous period:

The automation flow will enable you to see quickly which channels are performing well in terms of automation and which channels are mostly answered manually:

Finally, the automation rate per channel chart will give you detailed information on each channel. It will help you determine your next steps to improve your global automation score. You can export this data for your own computation:

Like all statistics pages, you can filter the data you want to display, here by integrations, channels or period:

You will also notice that we rearranged the statistics navigation bar. As the number of statistics pages is growing, we want you to easily find the data you are seeking for. So, we grouped them by meaningful topics:

And as always, if you want to learn more about new features, feel free to click on the Learn button that will lead you to the exhaustive documentation.