Automatically generate Help Center content ✨

Every day, you receive and answer common questions from your customers. A Help Center is your best strategy to proactively answer these common questions — especially if you subscribe to Automate and enable Article Recommendations.

AI can now save you hours when creating or updating your Help Center by drafting content based on your unique customer interactions.

How does AI generate Help Center content?

AI studies your account’s past interactions to understand your most common questions. Then, it drafts articles based on how you responded to those questions.

You can see the number of tickets that inspired each AI-generated article to understand how impactful the article will be.

AI-generated content is unique to your account — data between accounts is not shared.

If you’re an Automate subscriber, populating your Help Center with content is a great way to take advantage of Article Recommendations (and other upcoming AI features… 👀) to resolve even more customer interactions without any wait time or agent effort.

How do I see my AI-generated Help Center content?

AI-generated content is available in a couple of places throughout Gorgias, depending on whether you already have a Help Center or need to create one.

If you don’t have a Help Center yet

If you don’t have a Help Center, you can set one up with our easy step-by-step wizard. Simply head to Settings > Help Center and click Create Help Center. Your AI-generated articles will be waiting for you in the setup experience.

If you already have a Help Center

If you already have a Help Center, you’ll find a new ✨ AI Library tab in your Help Center’s settings. Inside, you’ll find AI-generated articles unique to your account.

Of course, you can edit each article before adding it to your Help Center to ensure it perfectly matches your policies and brand voice.

Who can access AI-generated content?

To access AI-generated content, you must fit a few criteria:

  • Have exactly one active Shopify integration in your Gorgias account (support for multi-store brands is coming soon)

  • Have a Help Center with English (US or UK) as the default language

  • Be in an English-speaking country

  • Be your account’s Owner, Admin, or Lead Agent

  • Have at least 100 Helpdesk tickets in the last 90 days (not counting Chat or spam tickets)

  • Did not opt out of 3rd-party data sharing

If you are not eligible for this feature but would find it useful, please request this feature from our product team.

How often will AI generate content (and how will I know)?

We generate content weekly, for any account that matches the above criteria and hasn’t had any AI-generated articles in the last few months. If you meet the criteria listed above, you should receive AI-generated every 3-6 months, depending on your account’s side.

You will receive an email and notifications in Gorgias when AI-generated articles are available in your account.

If you have trouble, check out our support articles for adding AI Articles to new Help Centers or existing Help Centers.

We hope this update helps you build out your Help Center in a fraction of the time. Check it out and let us know what you think!