Introducing Automated Responses - the latest addition to our order management flows, available in both the chat widget and the help center!

With this powerful feature, you can now configure automated messages that will be sent to your shoppers in response to specific order management actions, such as:

  • cancelling an order

  • returning an order, or

  • reporting an issue.

Whether you want to thank customers for their purchases, provide additional information, or anything in between, Automated Responses makes it easy. Simply set up your desired response and sit back while the platform takes care of the rest.

The automated response will be sent to the shopper if they trigger any of the aforementioned active flows in chat or help center. An option to add a “Was this helpful” prompt is possible for the “report issue” flow. Should the shopper select “Yes, thank you”, no ticket will be created and the customer interaction is fully automated.

Getting started

To set up Automated Responses, navigate to the Settings menu, then Self-service, select which store you wish to configure, and select the Order management tab. From there, Automated Responses may be added for the Return order, Cancel order, and Report order issue flows.

Shopper experience

Here is a example of the shopper experience with an automated response configured for the return order flow in the help center:

💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers. For more information about how you can use the add-on to automate 20% of your customer requests, don’t hesitate to reach out!