Meet your new team member: AI Agent

We’re thrilled to announce that AI Agent is now available in all Automate subscriber Gorgias accounts! Get ready to transform your customer experience.

Who is AI Agent?

AI Agent is your newest team member. It sends accurate, personalized responses in the blink of an eye.

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, AI Agent learns your brand voice and support processes to handle your most repetitive tickets.

AI Agent can also connect to Shopify and other tools to perform Actions (like updating a shipping address or canceling a recent order) to fully resolve tickets.

With AI Agent on your team, you can:

⚡ Resolve up to 60% of support volume with cost-effective AI

🤩 Delight customers with instant and personalized answers, 24/7

📈 Focus your team’s time on complex, VIP, and high-value conversations

For Automate Subscribers:
Register for our 30-min Implementation webinar here

When: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00pm EST

For Non-Automate Subscribers:
Register for our 30-min Intro to AI Agent webinar here

When: Mondays at 12:00pm EST

You don’t have to wait for the webinar to get started. In the meantime, check out our playbook to onboard your AI Agent.

If you are not an Automate subscriber, please book a demo with our team here!