We know you love automating tickets using intent classification so we updated intents to be more relevant to Ecommerce use cases.

The following changes are live:

  1. The shipping/status intent is split into shipping/status and a new shipping/delivery-issue intent.

We realized it was not accurate to reply to customers asking questions like “I can’t find my package, is it lost?” with an order status automation. The new shipping/delivery-issue intent detects tickets about lost deliveries so you can ensure these tickets are passed to an agent.

  1. We are also introducing two new intents: product/question and product/recommendation.

product/question indicates generic questions about a product and product/recommendation indicates that a customer is asking for help to chose a product that fits them.
We suggest keeping an eye on these tickets as they may be potential leads.

  1. Policy intents (exchange/policy, return/policy, refund/policy, discount/policy) have been merged with their request counterpart (e.g. return/request)

Customers rarely ask about a company’s policy towards returns and exchanges unless they would like to initiate one.

  1. Lastly, we’ve removed the following experimental intents:
    account/cancel, job/application, unsubscribe/email, password/reset. You should no longer rely on these intents in rules.

Learn more here.
Happy automation using Gorgias!