Gorgias Updates

Create a ticket starting with an outbound call

by Samy Laumonier
Need to call your warehouse or brick-and-mortar store? We hear you! We’ve just made some huge improvements to our phone integration. Now, you simply can type in a number and initiate an outbound call directly from a ticket. You can call any

Outbound phone calls improvements

by Samy Laumonier
You asked and we listened! You can now start an outbound call with a customer by clicking the phone number in their profile. How does it work? To initiate an outbound call, visit an existing ticket or customer profile for a customer with a

Total tickets created per tag and per channel links

by Paweł Maciejewski
We recently introduced Total tickets closed per agents links, today we are releasing a similar improvement that will help you to get the list of tickets created by a tag and channel. You can find them in the Tags and Channels statistics

Instagram Messaging is Now Available (With No Follower Requirements)

by Zach Banov
We are happy to announce that Instagram has lifted their follower requirements for access to Instagram Messages! Now, any non-legacy Gorgias account, regardless of follower count, can integrate Instagram Messaging into their helpdesk. For

Total tickets closed per agents link

by Pawel Maciejewski
👀 We introduced a link in the Agents statistics that will help you to see which data relates to each data point in the report. Click it and you will be redirected to a list of tickets that were closed by the agent in the specified time

Support for GIF and Audio Instagram DMs

by Mehdi Dellagi
We just released an update to our Instagram Direct Message integration, allowing you to receive GIFs and audio DMs directly in Gorgias. Now, when a customer sends a GIF or audio message via direct message, you’ll be able to play and respond

New login methods in the Self-service Portal

by Gleb Billig, Software Engineer
New feature
Shoppers can now log into the Self-service Portal by sending a verification code to their email address or phone number!🔐✨ Instead of digging through their inbox for their order number, shoppers can now simply enter their email address or

Improvements to rules

by Romain Charbit & Victor Suo
We’re making some quality of life improvements to rules! 💖 does not contain one of rule filter label will be renamed does not contain all of to reflect better what the filters is actually doing: triggering only if any of the listed

Update in ReCharge widget links

by Maxime Landry
Until today, ReCharge links were not working at all due to some limitations with ReCharge app inside Shopify. That’s no longer the case! ✨ We updated the Customer, Subscription and Order links in the ReCharge widget. You might need to